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7 ways a UX designer can improve your website

Published on
June 29, 2023
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Interface testing, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes… they’re not the phrases you’d immediately associate with emotional connections.That is unless you work in UX design!Standing for “User Experience,” UX designers aim to create seamless digital journeys across websites, mobile apps, or desktop software.We all know how frustrating a poorly designed website or computer program can be.Just think about the last time a checkout page failed after you’d inputted all your details. Or what about a never-ending list of search results with no way to filter? Annoying? Yep. Infuriating? Sometimes.At the other end of the spectrum, a stunningly designed website grabs your attention and creates a positive impression with its user-friendly simplicity and ease of use.UX design is all about how a person feels when interacting with a system. It’s a vital part of good business, and something no modern company can ignore.So, what exactly is a UX designer, and how can they improve your website?

What is a UX designer?

The concept of a UX designer website isn’t exactly new.

ux designer website

The term “user experience” was coined by Donald Norman in 1993.Norman worked at Apple as a Cognitive Scientist, responsible for analysing customers’ experiences with the company’s products and services. He developed the concept to cover the entire remit of graphic design, user interfaces, physical touch, and interaction.Today, UX design is all about problem-solving.UX designers shape a website’s look and structure. Ever felt that a company’s website was just so simple and intuitive to use? That’s UX design.UX design should make a website feel so easy to use, that people simply don’t realise the amount of time and effort that’s actually gone into it.To do this, UX designers consider the general attitude and emotional feedback a user has throughout their digital journey. Key factors such as usability, accessibility and appearance are all taken into account.

Why is a UX designer website important?

Have you ever heard of the 15-second rule?This is the average time spent on a website. 15 seconds is all you have to capture someone’s attention and encourage them to interact with your brand.It’s not long, and if your website is confusing, unappealing or difficult to navigate, it’s going to be even shorter than this.Positive user experience is one of the most important factors in generating web traffic and sales.In the simplest terms, UX design helps customers and clients satisfy their needs in an efficient, easy and enjoyable way. These constructive experiences are an essential part of building your brand. They create a positive first impression and encourage repeat custom.It’s no wonder that businesses prioritise UX designer websites—both in terms of budget and project workflows.Great UX designers consider both customer journeys and your overall business objectives—producing functional and aesthetically-pleasing websites that work.

7 ways a UX designer can improve your website

Now we’ve briefly explained what UX design is and why it’s so crucial—here are seven ways a UX designer can revolutionise your website…

1. Enabling communication

Communication is one of the most important reasons we visit websites. Whether it’s to find phone numbers, update details or use a chat system to solve problems—communication is key.UX web designers study the needs of your customers and audiences, making their experience as seamless as possible.Communication goes both ways, and great UX design allows businesses to transmit their key messages as well as facilitate consumer exchanges.

2. Improving accessibility

User research and inclusivity are at the heart of UX design.With a problem-solving approach, UX designers actively investigate issues that make your website difficult to use. This covers so much more than just navigation. For instance, how would a deaf or vision impaired individual interact with your website?

ux designer website
Photographer: Ben Kolde | Source: Unsplash

UX design aims to be inclusive and accessible, resulting in a smooth, positive experience for anyone that comes across your website.

3. Enhancing aesthetics

While UX design isn’t necessarily about visual design—the complex interplay between functionality and aesthetics is something UX designers deal with daily.Together with graphic designers, UI designers, and other web professionals, they balance the form and function of your website. This results in a harmonious, aesthetically-pleasing website that’s beautiful and pleasurable to use.

4. Creating faster user journeys

UX designers make signups, checkouts and finding key information faster and simpler. This results in lower rates of abandonment as well as increased sales leads and revenue.

ux designer website
Photographer: UX Indonesia | Source: Unsplash

If user journeys feel quick, natural and intuitive, positive feelings arise with every interaction.

5. Supporting consumer research

UX designers help you discover relevant information about your customers and their user journeys. This helps you tailor your website more specifically to their needs.For instance, if you discover most users access your website via mobile, you’ll be able to put a strong business case together for the UX development work needed to optimise your site.With a focus on user research and data-driven decision making, a UX designer helps businesses identify problems and potential growth opportunities—improving services and strategies across the board.

6. Prioritising testing and experimentation

UX design uses storyboards, wireframes and prototypes to test and experiment with different web design options.

Photographer: Amélie Mourichon | Source: Unsplash

This means you can appropriately weigh-up options and assess changes before they “go live.” UX designers help eliminate the need for guesswork, as well as potential complaints, and stressful live fixes.

7. Delighting your customers

Ultimately, the aim of a UX designer website is to delight your customers.A great web experience will encourage your customers to come back time and time again, building brand loyalty, creating positive perceptions and increasing sales.Design Buffs produce stunning and scalable on-brand designs to grow and strengthen your business. With no tie-in contracts or long-term obligations, you can work with the most creative global talent on a subscription plan perfectly tailored to your needs.Whether you need UX designer websites, social media graphics, case studies or PPC ads, explore our services and let’s add magic to your designs.