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How to use motion graphics in your marketing

Published on
June 29, 2023
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We live in an era of information overload. Attention spans have shrunk to just eight seconds. Marketers have very little time to hook their audience.That’s why eye-catching content is essential – and why motion design should be part of every brand’s marketing strategy.

What is motion design?

Motion design involves taking a static graphic element — like an object, a shape, or text — and making it move.Motion design is part of graphic design. And it also comes under the umbrella term of animation.However, unlike other types of animation, motion design doesn’t have to tell a story. It doesn’t need a plot, a setting and characters. And it doesn’t have to provoke emotion in its audience.Instead, motion design is all about creating visually pleasing moving graphics that help to explain a concept, convey information, or sell a brand.Think of a brand logo changing shape. Or an explainer video that brings an infographic to life.

Why should you use motion graphics in your marketing?

Motion graphics make boring content more digestible, engaging, and memorable

No matter how dry your industry, your product, or your service, motion graphics can inject a bit of excitement into your content.With motion design, you can explain complex concepts with ease. Bright colors and quirky designs are easy on the eye, but it’s movement that is sure to catch it.Even basic GIFs have the power to attract attention. A Twitter study showed that tweets containing a GIF got 55% more engagement than those without. Imagine what you could do with a beautifully designed and branded motion graphic!

Motion graphics are easily shareable

Motion graphics are at their best when used in short, snappy videos. They get their point across quickly and concisely. And they look pretty. This makes them super shareable.According to analytics research from Market Splash, video content on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. Pretty impressive, right?Throw a few motion graphic videos into your next social campaign and you stand to increase your views and the possibility of viral content for your brand.

Motion graphics create and increase brand awareness

Video is an excellent way for customers to discover your brand and what you can do for them, without reading through reams of written content.That’s because you can say so much about who you are with a quick video.The style of your graphic design, the colours, the copy and voiceover you use, all help to paint a vivid picture of your brand personality. And they do it in a matter of seconds.It seems they do it pretty effectively too. According to research, video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness and 66% more qualified leads per year.With motion graphics, you introduce customers to your brand in such a way that they’ll remember and recognise you in future.

Motion graphics are a cost effective way to do video content

With motion graphics, you get all of the benefits of video content, without the hefty price tag.For a professional live action video, you’d have to hire a location, actors and a crew. For a video based around motion graphics, all you really need is a graphic designer.Motion graphics also have a quicker turnaround time than a live action video. So you don’t need to plan your content months in advance and can quickly get engaging videos out to your audience.

How to incorporate motion graphics in your marketing

So where and how should you be using motion graphics as part of your marketing strategy?Here are just some of the places where motion design really comes into its own.

Animated logos

A static logo is easy to overlook. Give it a little bit of movement and you inject a sense of fun and personality.You can use this moving logo at the end of social ads, to cap a pitch perfect presentation, or as an outro to any live action videos you create in future.

Explainer videos

When you use motion graphics in an explainer video, you get to present complex ideas in a really simple, straightforward way.You get to pack in loads of useful info without overwhelming a viewer. And you get to share a bit of your brand personality too.

Animated ads

An image and text can only convey so much. Add in some movement and you can say a whole lot more about your product, service or brand.Animated ads enjoy better engagement, CTR and conversion stats than static image ads. So you can count on solid ROI to boot.

Social media posts

Don’t reserve motion graphics for your ad campaigns. Any social post can benefit from eye-catching movement.Use video to stop a user mid-scroll and they’re more likely to engage with your content.On some platforms – of course – video content is essential. TikTok is still growing rapidly – and we imagine that it will rise up the ranks in terms of B2B marketing importance over the years to come.If you’re already testing the waters, motion graphic video is right at home on the TikTok platform.

Landing pages

A simple button pop as a user hovers over your CTA. Or an embedded explainer animation… Incorporate motion graphics into your website’s landing pages and you do a couple of really cool things.Firstly, you draw user attention to what matters most.Secondly, you help you to guide a user down through your landing page content with slick navigational transitions.And lastly, you add a little extra interest to the experience. You go above and beyond the usual UX, helping your brand to stand out in the minds of your website visitors.

Want to create motion graphics for your next campaign?

Here at Design Buffs, we create on-brand, engaging motion graphics —- so you don’t have to.As part of our subscription service, we provide stunning designs whenever you need them. It’s professional design without increasing your office headcount or breaking the bank.Book a 15 minute demo to see what our design services could do for your business.