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How to design an effective landing page in 2023

Published on
June 29, 2023
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Whether you’re trying to collect leads, increase sales, or drive newsletter signups, landing pages do what your website can’t —- hone in on one dedicated goal.Websites can distract your visitors with multiple products, services, and offers.In contrast, landing pages keep your audience focused on a specific conversion goal. If we’re talking quick-fire tactics that work, landing pages are up there.But only if they are designed well.Let’s dive in.

What is a landing page

A landing page is a web page that provides specific information about a product or service.

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These pages often wrap up with a call to action that encourages visitors to take the next step.Think; buy now, learn more, add to cart or contact us.

Why is landing page design important?

Landing pages are often one of the first direct interactions a potential customer will have with your brand.They may have come from an advertisement, a search engine, or a link from a friend. You need to offer a landing page that clearly showcases your brand, the brand’s message, and the product or service you’re trying to sell.The best way to do this is with a careful and purposeful design.Almost 90% of visitors will leave a page before it finishes loading if it takes too long, while 61.5% will leave if the website is difficult to navigate.While 94% of first impressions are design-related, lack of mobile compatibility is another key concern. Mobile devices now make up 54.4% of global internet traffic and if your website isn’t up to scratch on a handheld device, you can kiss goodbye to those potential customers.

What makes a good landing page?

There’s a lot that needs to go into a landing page, but it’s best to start with the basics.


Businesses often make the mistake of assuming that branding is all about the visuals.They will funnel time and resources into creating a brilliant brand identity through visuals, but then forget to make the content cohesive.You can create a visually stunning landing page, but if the content lacks any form of brand identity, you risk losing customers.

Target audience

Your landing page needs to appeal to the people you want buying your product.You will have already established your target audience during the product development stage. You can use that research to influence your landing page design too.Everything from design to content should speak to your target audience. This will help to keep their attention and drive sales.


Your landing page will be the first impression of your brand for many visitors.Anything you want visitors to understand and remember should be clearly laid out using language that resonates with your target audience. This will help to build brand loyalty and encourage return visits.


The way a page flows is a huge factor in page design. Layouts need to be created that keep in mind where customers are coming from.For example, if your primary advertising strategy revolves around Instagram and other mobile-first social media platforms, you should design and lay out your page with mobile displays in mind.

Value proposition

Your landing page needs to make it perfectly clear why your business is the better choice. What can you offer that others cannot? What will the customer receive if they take the next step?This doesn’t need to be an essay, but a clear and concise statement of what people can expect from your business will work wonders for your conversion rate.

7 Tips For Creating an Effective Landing Page

To wrap up, here are some great tips to help you design a great landing page that will wow your visitors into taking the next step.

Use a main headline and a supporting headline

You have mere seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. Your headline will be the first thing they read, so make it catchy. A supporting headline directly underneath can be used to give a little more detail. Combined, this is enough information for the visitor to decide if they’re interested in your product or not.

Have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What sets you apart from the competition? Don’t be afraid to brag a little.

Showcase the benefits of your offering

Why should visitors do business with you? What benefits can you offer them, and how do they differ from your competitors?

Use images or video to show context of use

Consumers will very, very rarely buy a product without seeing it first. Make sure your landing page has plenty of visual content showcasing your product so they can get a strong idea of how it works without risking their money.

Use consistent and bold visuals

Branding is key to a strong business. Consistent and bold visuals that incorporate your businesses’s branding helps your landing page stick in the minds of even the briefest visitor.

Incorporate social proof into page

Real testimonials are a fantastic tool that can quickly put to rest any concerns a visitor may have. Including social proof onto your landing page will help visitors make their purchasing decision without needing to leave the site.

Include a Call To Action (CTA)

CTA’s are simple, but incredibly effective ways to push a visitor to make the next step. For example, Ellie Mirman, VP of Marketing at Toast, found that including just one CTA in an email increased clicks by 371% and sales by a truly staggering 1617%. Now just imagine what that could do for your landing page conversion rates.Speaking of calls to action… do you have any more questions about how to design an effective landing page? Design Buffs is here to help. Our team of experts understand how difficult it can be to create amazing design work, so why not let us do it for you?Book your free demonstration today to see how Design Buffs makes life easier.