5 Easy Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts Into Engaging Visuals

Even if you don't have hours to spend on design, repurposing your blog posts into engaging visuals is a clever marketing strategy.

Let me explain:

I used to get overwhelmed by thinking, coming up with and producing engaging blog content on an ongoing basis. I really wanted to drive traffic and engagement to my clients' websites, I'm sure you can relate.

Having more engaging marketing assets is something all of us founders and marketers could use more of, especially in a time when there is more content on the web than ever before.

Writing blog posts and then publishing it on Facebook, LinkedIn & Co. only gets you so far and the momentum of your content dies off quickly.

But here's the truth, by repurposing blog content into visuals you can make your content seem new again and can also increase the reach of your content to new audiences. It's amazing for SEO and driving traffic to your site.

Below you'll find five examples of visuals even the most time-pressed founder can follow to get noticeable results, fast!

Ready? Let's go!

1) Repurpose Blog Posts Into Infographics

Infographics are perfect for summarising your findings. It's a great starting point because you can then use the infographic itself to repurpose this asset into other visuals, like blog headers, presentations & more.

Am I still making sense?

Here's the first example:

Take each section from your blog post, give each section a subtitle and provide key tips and concise descriptions for any section.

See this? 👇🏾

Repurpose Blog Posts Into Visuals Like Infographics
Take blog post sections and turn them into actionable advice

Now, you can take the top section of the infographic and turn this one into a visual blog post header like so:

Take the infographic top section and turn it into a blog header    

Heck, you can even use the same design in your email marketing campaign.

Next, use single tips from each section on the infographic and turn them into individual quotes to post on your Instagram all linking back to your initial blog post.

More on that later, but first...

2) Turn a Blog Post Into a Presentation

You might have already figured this out, but the main goal when repurposing blog posts into visual content is to take the whole post and divide it into short, easily-digestible snippets with plenty of white space.

Let's take this idea a bit further.

You already know that LinkedIn has become the go-to-network for professionals to grow their business. Plus, LinkedIn has recently added the ability to upload presentations, not just images.

Add 1 + 1 together and you come up with something like this...

Repurpose blog posts into visual content to share on LinkedIn
Turn blog posts in LinkedIn presentations

A blog post turned into an engaging visual in a LinkedIn status update by Dylan Hey from HeyDigital

82 likes. 23 comments after just over 7 days.

Not too shabby from a marketing & awareness point of view, right? LinkedIn carousel posts like this work really well for putting your ideas in a visual format.

The next one's a classic!

3) Attach a Quote to an Image

Twitter makes it really hard to get any momentum on your content, even if you have a huge following.

Luckily, adding visual components to your tweets can help increase their visibility. Ask your graphic designer to overlay an image or background with a quote on top, ideally with a quote from the blog post.

Don’t Stay at the Job You Hate Just to Help Your Resume… Here’s Why | DailyVee 425

https://t.co/p6csjhf9Gl pic.twitter.com/Ft1pX2fnIQ

— Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) March 7, 2018

Gary Vee does a great job repurposing written content into visuals

As you can see (even in this post), I try to write at least one or two "quotable phrases" for each blog post as it can increase shares significantly.

It sounds cheesy, but people love great quotes on carefully selected images.

Or maybe this?

4) Turn Blog Posts Into eBooks

Here's another way to repurpose blog posts into engaging visuals - create an eBook.

Look at your best performing and most engaging blog pieces in your analytics platform and then bundle them together.

No, I'm not saying you should copy and paste them bluntly into a template, that would be pure laziness.

Instead, take the meatier topics of each blog post, embed some diagrams, images or tables, and sprinkle some extra information on top to make this super valuable for readers

You've not only saved your readers a great deal of time but you also just produced a downloadable marketing asset that you can use to generate new leads.

Final Thoughts

Repurposing blog content is really not that hard. Every good piece of content gives you at least 4 - 6 different ways to turn this into engaging visuals. These visuals give you marketing assets that can turn lurkers into traffic and traffic into conversions.

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